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Security deposit


  1. I am arriving early in the morning; can I enter the flat right away?

    You will see that the checkout time is 10.00 and check-in is 1400 which give us the chance to clean and prepare the apartment for you if the previous guests have left the same day. If the apartment was vacated earlier then we will be flexible, and get you in at the earliest time possible to suit you – in any case, if you are arriving early then contact us in advance and we will do the best we can for you.

  2. I arrive late at night. What then?

    We are quite used to people arriving late – this is not a problem– all we ask is that you let us know, as accurately as you can, what time you expect to arrive, and we will be there!

  3. Who will give me the keys?

    We will meet you at the apartment – we will provide you with keys, and will also receive payment from you and give you a receipt. Prior to arrival you will be given the agent’s name and mobile number. We always try to ensure that the agent will speak your language!

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  1. When do I pay and to whom?

    When you meet our agent you will pay the full amount.

  2. Can I pay at the end of my stay?

    For legal and insurance reasons it is necessary to pay at the time of receiving the keys. For long term  stays it is possible to arrange  to pay for a part of your stay then and the balance at a later, agreed, date.

  3. Can I pay by a card

    We can only accept cash, however all our apartments are close to ATMs,

    It is possible to pay by VISA or MASTER, but we will chage extra 4%  

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Security deposit

  1. When is the security deposit returned?

    The security deposit is usually returned fast after departure ,but it could take time in case of telephone bills to pay ,or if, for example, some repairs have to be done by workers in the apartment  If there is no  damage in the apartements , no lost keys, the security deposit will be fully returned to you , as usual, without any problem.

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